Unrest in Quebec






This page is no longer updated. I leave it online for archival purposes only.

You’ll find below a list of English-language links about the “Situation in Quebec”. For starters, you should read this wonderful piece by the administrator of Translating the printemps érable.

Here are English versions of two supremely important documents: Règlement P-6 (anti-mask, anti-spontaneous demonstration, etc.) and Bill 78 (bans spontaneous demonstrations, picketing of classrooms, etc.).

Click on me! I blink.

This list is non-exhaustive: it covers the very bare bones of this massive contestation of the neoliberalization of Quebec. Notably, it does not (directly) cover issues like: the effect of the fee hike on racialised, migrant and indigneous students and families, on queers, on people with disabilities, on women, on student-parents, etc. It furthermore does not make the link—being amply made in the street!—between this particular struggle and the on-going fight against the endemic corruption of this province’s government (on all levels). In any case, share your articles in the comments below – let’s keep the list growing!

English-language translation projects providing information and updating on a regular basis:

English-language media: I recommend McGill Daily, CUTV, openfile, and the beloved media coop. Also check out Rabble’s campus notes.

Angus Johnston (a.k.a studentactivism), a specialist in student movements and an activist in the U.S., has blogged quite a bit about what’s going on. here are some good, short, readable backgrounders:

this article on the chronicle of higher education website is a great summary: “the biggest student uprising you’ve never heard of”.

Here are a bunch of articles I have shared/found useful. 











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